In love?
Out of love?
We’ve all been there …
And every aspect of love is in this
book, from cradle to grave.
So sit back, relax and
let love wash over you.

Short LOVE Stories (Short Stories Book 1) by [Hilary Coombes]

Paperback. £3.99 4.70 euros. 5.38 dollars. Also available on Kindle

After the birth of my grandson 17 weeks early I wrote this book to raise money for premature baby charities and research. 100% of the profit goes to this cause and it has raised £250 to date.

SHORT LOVE STORIES is available on Amazon or at good bookshops



Beyond Promises by [HILARY COOMBES]

BEYOND PROMISES is Charlie’s story and you share fifty years of it alongside him. 

In the late 1960’s his  powerful father forced him to leave Carmen, the woman he loved. He soon found himself lost and alone exiled in Spain, where he was thrown into a criminal world for which he was not cut out. Becoming a father figure to a local boy trapped him and forced him to confront his own childhood .

Throughout the years, thoughts of his one true love never left him, but would his memories of her be enough to help him escape? 

This is a story of passion, heartbreak and humour and you will be spellbound until the very last page … don’t take my word for it here read the 5 Star review below plus others on Amazon.

Without giving too much away I loved this book so much, I felt that a Part Two could be written or a version told from the other main character’s point of view. Hilary has a rare ability to write a story that is unpredictable – lots of surprises.





As the survivor of a difficult childhood, Bern has always lived her stormy, flamboyant life as a fighter.

Now in her fifties, organising a hen party in the popular Spanish resort of Benidorm is easy, but booking a party also means she must deal with the consequences when one of her companions reveals a secret that has repercussions for everyone. 

Bern finds herself in a Spanish police cell and is forced to confront her deeply buried feelings, her past and face up to the way she is living her life.